Types of Crystal Glassware

Crystal glassware adds an elegant dimension to any function and is usually laid out on special occasions, i.e. formal functions. But who is to dictate that you cannot use crystal glassware everyday? If you are the sort to indulge in luxurious champagne or wine, sip port with a delectable cheese platter, drink sherry by the fire place or partake in delicious liqueur or even an after dinner brandy, there is absolutely no grounds to not delight yourself to use crystal glassware.

Let us look at some crystal glassware that can be used on a daily basis.

Champagne coupe/ saucer

Since time immemorial, champagne has been the primary drink for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and other momentous events, and champagne glasses are always the glassware of choice. Champagne coupes are considered the more conventional vessels, with its shallow circular bowl; the modern champagne flute has a longer stem with a taller yet slender body. After a long hard day at work, take out your favorite crystal champagne flute, pour yourself some bubbly and enjoy.

Types of wine

Crystal wine glass

During dinner parties of a more formal vein, it is expected to serve red wine with red meats and white with fish and other white meats. Contemporary designs make a distinction between red and white wines, although crystal wine glasses can be utilized for either wines. A typical crystal wine glass measures approximately 6 inches in height and about a little over 2 inches across.

Identifying Port

Port crystal wine glass

Time-honored port crystal glassware possess an aperture which is flared, and a typical height is about 5 inches with a width of slightly over 2 inches. Latter day versions are elevated and bigger by comparison. Port is identified as a sweet-tasting wine, and is usually enjoyed by the accompaniment of a varied cheese platter with crackers, and dessert. But port can also be taken on its own. Its taste may be a little strong, so sip gently.

Features of liqueur

Crystal liqueur glassware

After the dessert and cheese course, liqueur is often served to guests. This type of crystal glassware is petite by proportions, and holds just enough liquids for a few dainty sips. The measurement is 4 inches in height and 2 inches in width. Liqueurs come in various flavors, such as coffee, fruits, herbs, spices and even chocolate.

Other types of crystal glassware

Crystal sherry glass

Sherry is indeed a delectable treat, and can be consumed before or after a dinner gathering. Drinking sherry is made even more memorable if taken from a conventional crystal glass, which is built quite similar to a port glass, the only difference is that a crystal sherry glass is much loftier and has a larger bowl. An ordinary crystal sherry glass is roughly 5 inches in height and measures 3 inched across. Sherry is primordially made of white grapes, and can be either sweet or dry by comparison.

Crystal brandy snifter

Last but not least is the quintessential crystal brandy snifter. This type of crystal glassware is held by the bowl, so that the brandy is kept warm and the aroma will gently be siphoned. Conventional crystal brandy snifters measure about 4 ½ inches tall and 2 ½ inches in width. Brandy is normally enjoyed after dinner. Popular types of brandy include Cognac and Armagnac.

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